Crocs Shoes & Escalator Accidents
(Friday November 10, 2006)

MESB Escalator Safety Brush is suited to a wide range of escalators and moving walks, while meeting global escalator safety code requirements. ESB reduces the risk of side-step entrapments. ESB’s small profile ensures a sleek, unobtrusive appearance on the widest range of escalators and moving walks. ESB is available in Black.

ESB is easy to install and in less than half the time of other deflector devices because of its revolutionary flexible brush spine. This flexible spine also allows for easy removal for regular maintenance of the escalator.

What Is A Side-Step Entrapment?

A side-step entrapment occurs when limbs or clothing gets caught in the gap between the edge of an escalator and the side wall adjacent to the steps, known as the balustrade skirt. The majority of victims of escalator entrapments are children.

Escalator safety code changes around the world require the installation of deflector devices in order to reduce the risk of side-step entrapments.

ESB Escalator Safety Brushes are gentle yet effective reminders to passengers to move away from the sides of the escalator steps.

ESB Components

Brush Section - An innovative non-metallic brush slides easily into the brush holder. Easy removal and insertion of the brush section improves the ease of maintenance.
Brush Holder - A rigid aluminum profile. The anodized finish is black.
End Caps - A low friction, black plastic design secured by a tamper proof screw and alignment tab.
Alignment Insert - Bridges section ends to help ensure perfect alignment. Insert is slotted to aid installation.